How Big is Your Net?


During potluck today, we talked about the events that led a couple to be in Church with us. It began with a Bible study with someone who suggested a hospital visit for a friend who invited someone they knew who brought two of their relatives. If any of those hadn’t happened, these wonderful people might not be in Church with us now.

One of the passages that came up in the sermon today was Luke 5:1-11, which is the story of how Jesus called Peter to be an apostle. Jesus asked Peter to take him out on His boat and let down his net. Peter explained that they had fished all night and caught nothing, but that he would do it anyway. They caught so many fish the net began to break, and they had to have help to bring it in to shore.

Jesus used something Peter was familiar with to demonstrate His power. After all, if Jesus could catch more fish than a fisherman by vocation, Peter should listen to Him. Then, Jesus told Peter he would become a fisherman of men.

We fish for people for God today. How are we doing at it? Are we selective in who we are willing to fish for?

Our lives are like fishing nets. Anyone we come into contact with has the potential to see God through us. Are we using every opportunity we have?

A fisherman using a net of the kind Peter used couldn’t see a fish and say, “Oh no, I don’t want that one. I’m waiting for something different.” Any fish in the area could be swept up in the net, and when the net was pulled into the boat the fish were sorted.

The thing is, sorting the fish isn’t up to us. Jesus tells a parable in Matthew 13:47-50 in which He compares the Church to a net “which gathered some of every kind.” At the end of the age the fish will be separated.

Thinking about the couple I mentioned above, what if any one of the links that led us to them had not happened? What if someone had decided that one person wasn’t worth spending their time on?

Sure, Jesus talked to religious leaders and families. He also talked to tax collectors and adulterers. If the Son of God can talk to people living in open sin, what ground do we have to say we shouldn’t have to?

We must look past the sin to the person and past the person to the soul. God can transform people amazingly. We should be in jails, on street corners, and in restaurants talking to the person drinking next to us. Sin isn’t like fleas.

Maybe we’re afraid your net will break if you catch a prickly fish. Nets were made to be mended. And where else would we rather any person be than in Church with us? Let’s throw our nets wide around the whole world!

Have you ever taken a chance and opened your net? How has God worked through you? Chime in below! 🙂

May the Lord bless and keep you,


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