1-3-16 Hello reader! This post is the second in our series from the characteristics of Christians in II Peter 1:5-7. The first element given in this list in faith (you can read that post here). Faith is the foundation from which we build everything. Once we have the knowledge of God and trust in it,Continue reading “Virtue”

Faith – Our Foundation

8-9-15 In 2 Peter 1:5-7 we are given a list of characteristics Christians should grow in to be fruitful. This post will start a series focused on these. What Faith Is The first trait in this list is faith. Nothing can start without a knowledge and acceptance of the basics of who God is andContinue reading “Faith – Our Foundation”

Can a Christian love homosexuals and not homosexuality? And is homosexuality wrong?

7-12-15  Debate can be good. It means people are thinking and haven’t yet become robots. I consider myself to be a logical Christian. In fact, the Bible teaches that we are to study for ourselves and to verify what we are taught. In light of God’s desire for people to be life-long learners, I wantContinue reading “Can a Christian love homosexuals and not homosexuality? And is homosexuality wrong?”

Limiting God

5-20-15 God is big. I mean really, really big. Infinitely big. And that’s something that, as mere people, is hard to comprehend. If I could put a soundtrack on this blog post it would be Christina Perri’s “Human”. When our reality is that overwhelmed sense of only being able to take just so much ofContinue reading “Limiting God”