Getting Knocked Down Part 4 – Going On

5-20-18 Welcome back for the last post in the series! We’ve talked about what happens when we fall down, hit the bottom, and dust ourselves back off. Today let’s talk about going on. We’re all going to fall down sometimes. Being a Christian isn’t about being perfect; it’s about being perfected. God knows that weContinue reading “Getting Knocked Down Part 4 – Going On”

Getting Knocked Down Part 1 – Falling

4-15-18 Time for a new series! Let’s start talking about what happens when we find ourselves flat on our faces. Life isn’t always pretty, but we can get through it as Christians. For today, we’ll think about getting knocked down. Blame Game First off, when something bad happens to me, is it my fault? ItContinue reading “Getting Knocked Down Part 1 – Falling”