Faith Chase Episode 5: Exodus 33 – Leviticus 13

Hello! Welcome to Episode 5 of the Faith Chase Podcast. I’m Heather Tabata, and this podcast is about making our faith real in everyday life. I’d like to start off with saying thank you for listening, and especially for the encouragement you’ve given me to keep the podcast going. That isn’t why I do this,Continue reading “Faith Chase Episode 5: Exodus 33 – Leviticus 13”


12-4-16 Yesterday Mark and I were driving in the county over from where we live. The road was particularly narrow and windy, even for our area. The mountain’s sheer drop off inches from the pavement on one side had him clenching the steering wheel with both hands and me gripping the passenger door’s hand rest. And there were noContinue reading “Guardrails”