When You’re Tired

1-27-20 I spend a lot of my life tired. Physically, mentally, and or emotionally tired. Life can wear us down between stress from work, home, and church, even when we completely love all three. They’re still hard at times. And sometimes I think about wanting to just take a break from it all. When IContinue reading “When You’re Tired”

Mirrors and Flashlights

7-9-17 My ceiling fan and I are having a misunderstanding. The light bulbs in it blew. To change them I have to stand on a step stool, unscrew the fastener from beneath the globe, bring the globe down, and switch the bulbs. To put the globe back on I have to manage the globe andContinue reading “Mirrors and Flashlights”

What do an anchor and a mirror have to do with the Bible?

    5-7-17 If you’re trying to describe a new food or book to someone, how do you do it? Maybe you use adjectives. A lot of times people compare it to something else the person knows about. The Bible does the same thing. There are several things the Bible says it is like, includingContinue reading “What do an anchor and a mirror have to do with the Bible?”

The Littlest Song Book

7-17-16 Once upon a time, in a little town in Kentucky, there was a brown-haired girl with freckles. Every Sunday and Wednesday she went to church with her parents. Her great grandfather sat in the pew in front of her family. She would go up and sit with him. He would give her Juicy Fruit gum andContinue reading “The Littlest Song Book”