What am I Worth? Pt. 4 – Share It

4-8-18 The last few weeks we’ve talked about finding our own self-worth. We can’t get it from other people or from ourselves. For it to be right, it needs to come from God. It’s because of Him and what Jesus did for us that we matter. When we know that, what do we do withContinue reading “What am I Worth? Pt. 4 – Share It”

What am I Worth? Pt. 2 – What I Say

3-25-18 What do you think you are worth? Last time we talked about how other people look at us, and it’s not always flattering. This week let’s think about how we define our own self-worth. I struggle with feeling like I’m not good enough. It’s easy to compare ourselves to friends at school, people weContinue reading “What am I Worth? Pt. 2 – What I Say”

What am I Worth? Pt. 1 – What Other People Say

3-4-18 What do you think you’re worth? How do you decide that? There are a lot of things in life that make it easy to feel like we don’t matter. Over the next couple weeks, let’s think about whether we do matter, who we matter to, and why.