Who did you sharpen today?


Who we spend time around has an impact on us. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Aren’t there people that you just know when you see them it will make you feel better? On the other hand, sometimes we expect to feel down after we spend time with other people. God wants us to lift each other up.

One day at work this past week, I was having kind of a bad day. But there was one patient in particular who I knew would make me feel better. I was right.

This morning I went to Huddle House to pick up breakfast for my husband. The workers recognized me and were talking about how my husband is always happy and how nice he is. Isn’t that the kind of person we should try to be? The kind that people talk about because of their personality?

We don’t have to be carbon copies of each other. I’m not naturally as outgoing as my husband, but there are other ways I can make it pleasant for people to be around me. Some people are good at humor. Some people are naturally entertaining. Others are thoughtful. Everyone has something about them that can make people remember them in a positive way.

No matter where we are, we have the opportunity to interact with lots of people every week. How did you make the drive through worker who was having a bad day feel? What about the receptionist at the doctor’s office? How about your family?

Each time we have contact with someone, let’s think about how we treat them. We want to be memorable, but in a good way. Maybe the person making your milkshake made the best one ever. Tell them. If the banker was having a bad day, encourage them. Build rapport with these people, and when they’re trying to figure out why you are the way you are, tell them about Christ.

Letting our lights shine isn’t just about when we are actively teaching someone the plan of salvation, although it is one of the most important things we can do. Candles don’t turn on and off. They stay lit, because the very people who need the light don’t know to ask for it.

May the Lord bless and keep you,


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