The Father, the Son, and the Cross

3-27-16 Today was a beautiful Easter Sunday. Even though we as Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection every first day of the week, it seems especially fitting to take a few minutes this week to think about what happened on the cross. Both the Father and the Son made sacrifices for it to happen, and they didContinue reading “The Father, the Son, and the Cross”

Who did you sharpen today?

3-6-16 Who we spend time around has an impact on us. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Aren’t there people that you just know when you see them it will make you feel better? On the other hand, sometimes we expect to feel down afterContinue reading “Who did you sharpen today?”

Can a Christian love homosexuals and not homosexuality? And is homosexuality wrong?

7-12-15  Debate can be good. It means people are thinking and haven’t yet become robots. I consider myself to be a logical Christian. In fact, the Bible teaches that we are to study for ourselves and to verify what we are taught. In light of God’s desire for people to be life-long learners, I wantContinue reading “Can a Christian love homosexuals and not homosexuality? And is homosexuality wrong?”

Limiting God

5-20-15 God is big. I mean really, really big. Infinitely big. And that’s something that, as mere people, is hard to comprehend. If I could put a soundtrack on this blog post it would be Christina Perri’s “Human”. When our reality is that overwhelmed sense of only being able to take just so much ofContinue reading “Limiting God”