When the Storms Come

7-31-16 This past week I was thinking about the parable of the wise and foolish men and the way they built their houses. Typically I consider this passage as teaching us to build our lives on Jesus, and it is. But I realized that it’s teaching us something else, too. I’d never really considered theContinue reading “When the Storms Come”

Praying Together

7-24-16 One of the blessings, and responsibilities, that we have in the church is to pray. We are allowed and commanded to pray for many things, including ourselves, fellow Christians, those who have not committed to God, the sick, government leaders, and so much more. We should pray as a congregation during church service and individuallyContinue reading “Praying Together”

Three Things to Pray for Fellow Christians

  6-19-16 One of the most important aspects of the Christian life is prayer. There are many things and people that we can and should pray for, one of which is brothers and sisters in Christ. After all, we’re family. We should consider and help each other however we can. No matter if it’s theContinue reading “Three Things to Pray for Fellow Christians”

Leaving a Legacy

6-12-16 It’s 12:06 AM on Sunday morning. I’m writing this post on my trusty laptop as my husband is driving us home from a baptism.  Things like this, what we’re doing right now, matter. It’s been an eventful day for several reasons, and I’ve had some things on my mind. Mostly what’s left behind whenContinue reading “Leaving a Legacy”

How Big is Your Net?

5-22-16 During potluck today, we talked about the events that led a couple to be in Church with us. It began with a Bible study with someone who suggested a hospital visit for a friend who invited someone they knew who brought two of their relatives. If any of those hadn’t happened, these wonderful people mightContinue reading “How Big is Your Net?”

It’s the Little Things…

5-15-16 It’s funny how certain things stick with you. One of my friends in college said that people need to stop and enjoy life. She pointed out the little purple flowers we were walking by, which I hadn’t paid much attention to. I think about that a lot. I Timothy 6:17 says, “Charge them that are richContinue reading “It’s the Little Things…”

Let People Surprise You

4-17-16 One day this week as I was coming in from work, I walked by my little garden spot. The oregano is growing like it has ambitions to be a man eating plant and the strawberries are blooming like they can’t imagine doing anything else. But something surprised me. Flowers I planted two years ago are suddenly blooming.