Faith Chase Episode 5: Exodus 33 – Leviticus 13

Hello! Welcome to Episode 5 of the Faith Chase Podcast. I’m Heather Tabata, and this podcast is about making our faith real in everyday life. I’d like to start off with saying thank you for listening, and especially for the encouragement you’ve given me to keep the podcast going. That isn’t why I do this,Continue reading “Faith Chase Episode 5: Exodus 33 – Leviticus 13”

Faith Chase Episode 4: Exodus 13 – 32

Hello! Welcome to Episode 4 of the Faith Chase Podcast. I’m Heather Tabata, and this podcast is about making our faith real in everyday life. Thanks for listening in! It’s been a month where life keeps happening, so I’ve gotten a little behind with the posts, but I’m going to try to catch up andContinue reading “Faith Chase Episode 4: Exodus 13 – 32”

Where’s the Love?

10-28-18 It’s been a tragic week in our country. Again. Just a few years ago, there weren’t frequent mass shootings. I remember when the Columbine tragedy happened, and before that school shootings were almost unheard of. In the last year, how many have there been? I can’t even remember. So what’s going on?

What if I don’t feel God in church?

9-2-18 Happy start of September! Fall is coming. I can feel it. Okay, the last couple days it’s more like July came back, but fall is coming. I’ve been eyeing my hoodies and apple cider. I hope you’re looking forward to the change in the season too. This summer, we took a church trip toContinue reading “What if I don’t feel God in church?”

In, But Not Of

8-26-18 One of the hardest parts about being a Christian for me is the balance between staying away from what’s bad and being available for what is good in the world. John 15:19 says, “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, thereforeContinue reading “In, But Not Of”

Love is… Showing

8-19-18 Hearing someone say “I love you” is powerful, and being able to say it back is just as amazing whether it’s romantic love or not. But it takes more than just saying the words to share love. Let’s wrap up this series with five ways you can show someone you love them. (If youContinue reading “Love is… Showing”

Love is… Believing

7-22-18 Last time, we talked about how true love sees the other person for their worth. If you missed it, you can catch up here. This time, let’s talk about believing in the person we love. This is for everybody, not just the person we love. Paul says that love: …bears all things, believes allContinue reading “Love is… Believing”

Getting Knocked Down Part 2 – Landing

4-29-18 We all get knocked down. Last week we talked about why we fall, why bad stuff happens to Christians, and what about when it feels like it’s just us. If you missed it, you can check it out here. Maybe this is the week you’re feeling like you’ve hit bottom. Maybe next week itContinue reading “Getting Knocked Down Part 2 – Landing”

Getting Knocked Down Part 1 – Falling

4-15-18 Time for a new series! Let’s start talking about what happens when we find ourselves flat on our faces. Life isn’t always pretty, but we can get through it as Christians. For today, we’ll think about getting knocked down. Blame Game First off, when something bad happens to me, is it my fault? ItContinue reading “Getting Knocked Down Part 1 – Falling”

What am I Worth? Pt. 4 – Share It

4-8-18 The last few weeks we’ve talked about finding our own self-worth. We can’t get it from other people or from ourselves. For it to be right, it needs to come from God. It’s because of Him and what Jesus did for us that we matter. When we know that, what do we do withContinue reading “What am I Worth? Pt. 4 – Share It”