What am I Worth? Pt. 1 – What Other People Say

3-4-18 What do you think you’re worth? How do you decide that? There are a lot of things in life that make it easy to feel like we don’t matter. Over the next couple weeks, let’s think about whether we do matter, who we matter to, and why.

Chasing Joy – Part 4: Share the Joy

1-28-18 Welcome back for the last in our series on joy. In case you missed it, we’ve thought about what joy is and some things that can try to take it from us. Let’s talk about how to share our joy. What’s something you get excited about? Pride and Prejudice, Lady Earl Grey tea, andContinue reading “Chasing Joy – Part 4: Share the Joy”

Chasing Joy – Part 3: Holding on to Joy

12-10-17 Welcome back for more on joy! We’ve talked about what exactly joy is – how it’s not temporary like happiness. Last time we thought about some things that can try to take our joy away. This week, we’ll go through those obstacles and find ways to keep them from stealing our joy.

Chasing Joy – Part 1: What is joy?

11-12-17 One of my goals is to be happy as much as possible. I hate being sad. I don’t like sad movies. I will probably never read Where the Red Fern Grows again. One reason Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors is that her books have happy endings. But joy goes a littleContinue reading “Chasing Joy – Part 1: What is joy?”

What’s holding you back? Part 2 – What They’ll Say

9-3-17 Welcome back to the What’s holding you back? series. Last week we talked about knowing your goal and picking one you can commit to. You can check it out here. Today we’re going to think about one reason we might be afraid to reach a goal: what other people may say. Most people haveContinue reading “What’s holding you back? Part 2 – What They’ll Say”

Mirrors and Flashlights

7-9-17 My ceiling fan and I are having a misunderstanding. The light bulbs in it blew. To change them I have to stand on a step stool, unscrew the fastener from beneath the globe, bring the globe down, and switch the bulbs. To put the globe back on I have to manage the globe andContinue reading “Mirrors and Flashlights”

How will they know us?

6-25-17 People in general want to feel like we are part of something. That we belong somewhere. We want to be involved in something bigger than ourselves and to feel like we matter to someone. Groups we join typically want to be recognizable by other people as a group. Maybe they make a t-shirt orContinue reading “How will they know us?”

What do an anchor and a mirror have to do with the Bible?

    5-7-17 If you’re trying to describe a new food or book to someone, how do you do it? Maybe you use adjectives. A lot of times people compare it to something else the person knows about. The Bible does the same thing. There are several things the Bible says it is like, includingContinue reading “What do an anchor and a mirror have to do with the Bible?”