Five Verses for When You Feel Not Good Enough

4-30-17 It’s something I think a lot of us think – that we’re not good enough. That we don’t deserve something or anything. It’s hard to follow a perfect God and feel like that. In a way, we aren’t good enough. We can’t mark off a checklist and say that we’ve earned grace. But still,Continue reading “Five Verses for When You Feel Not Good Enough”

Resurrection Sunday

  4-16-17   Welcome back to our Passion Week series. If you missed a post for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday you can catch up any time.  We will have one more post looking at three aspects of this week to wrap up: who Judas was, whether Jesus really thought God forsook Him, andContinue reading “Resurrection Sunday”

Passion Week – Tuesday

    4-11-17 Thank you for joining me through the Passion Week. If you missed the posts for Sunday or Monday you can catch up any time. We have talked about Jesus’ triumphal entry, the cursing of the fig tree, and the cleansing of the temple. Now we’re going to look at what happened toContinue reading “Passion Week – Tuesday”

Passion Week – Monday

    4-10-17 In yesterday’s blog post we looked at Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem the Sunday before the crucifixion. Today we will look at the fig tree and return to the temple. Monday, Jesus went back from Bethany into Jerusalem. On the way He was hungry. “And seeing from afar a fig tree having leaves,Continue reading “Passion Week – Monday”

Passion Week – Palm Sunday

4-9-17 Since this is the week celebrated as the Passion Week, the days leading up to the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Christ, we’re going to do something a little different. We will have a short devotional each day through Sunday focusing on the events of that day.

Tale of a Twice-Washed Dog

4-2-17 Happy April! I hope you’re all enjoying spring. One of our two blueberry bushes has leaves, the baby creeping phlox is blooming, and we have a new dog. Or maybe he has us. The big brown eyes struck again in the form of a stray, so now we have Perrin. That’s him in theContinue reading “Tale of a Twice-Washed Dog”


12-4-16 Yesterday Mark and I were driving in the county over from where we live. The road was particularly narrow and windy, even for our area. The mountain’s sheer drop off inches from the pavement on one side had him clenching the steering wheel with both hands and me gripping the passenger door’s hand rest. And there were noContinue reading “Guardrails”

Nature Proclaims His Glory

10-30-16 This past week I was blessed to go on vacation with my family. It was the first time I had been to Hilton Head Island, and it was wonderful. Even though there was still obvious devastation from Hurricane Matthew, the area is absolutely beautiful. Being at the beach it is so easy to feelContinue reading “Nature Proclaims His Glory”