Chasing Joy – Part 4: Share the Joy

1-28-18 Welcome back for the last in our series on joy. In case you missed it, we’ve thought about what joy is and some things that can try to take it from us. Let’s talk about how to share our joy. What’s something you get excited about? Pride and Prejudice, Lady Earl Grey tea, andContinue reading “Chasing Joy – Part 4: Share the Joy”

Chasing Joy – Part 3: Holding on to Joy

12-10-17 Welcome back for more on joy! We’ve talked about what exactly joy is – how it’s not temporary like happiness. Last time we thought about some things that can try to take our joy away. This week, we’ll go through those obstacles and find ways to keep them from stealing our joy.

Chasing Joy – Part 1: What is joy?

11-12-17 One of my goals is to be happy as much as possible. I hate being sad. I don’t like sad movies. I will probably never read Where the Red Fern Grows again. One reason Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors is that her books have happy endings. But joy goes a littleContinue reading “Chasing Joy – Part 1: What is joy?”