Where’s the Love?

10-28-18 It’s been a tragic week in our country. Again. Just a few years ago, there weren’t frequent mass shootings. I remember when the Columbine tragedy happened, and before that school shootings were almost unheard of. In the last year, how many have there been? I can’t even remember. So what’s going on?

Love is… Showing

8-19-18 Hearing someone say “I love you” is powerful, and being able to say it back is just as amazing whether it’s romantic love or not. But it takes more than just saying the words to share love. Let’s wrap up this series with five ways you can show someone you love them. (If youContinue reading “Love is… Showing”

Love is… Believing

7-22-18 Last time, we talked about how true love sees the other person for their worth. If you missed it, you can catch up here. This time, let’s talk about believing in the person we love. This is for everybody, not just the person we love. Paul says that love: …bears all things, believes allContinue reading “Love is… Believing”

The Greatest of These

8-13-17 When chaos erupts in families, or countries, people often shake their heads and wonder what the answer is. I don’t claim to be able to fix all the problems going on, but I do know what the answers would boil down to. Because the Bible tells us. It’s love. Love for God, our fellowContinue reading “The Greatest of These”

How will they know us?

6-25-17 People in general want to feel like we are part of something. That we belong somewhere. We want to be involved in something bigger than ourselves and to feel like we matter to someone. Groups we join typically want to be recognizable by other people as a group. Maybe they make a t-shirt orContinue reading “How will they know us?”

Politics and Priorities

9-4-16 Politics. Election. Party. Candidate. What just happened? Maybe your heart rate sped up and your palms got sweaty. I know mine do when I think about November. Now, this is in no way an endorsement of a party or candidate. If you want to discuss those, I have nothing against it, but that isn’tContinue reading “Politics and Priorities”

The Littlest Song Book

7-17-16 Once upon a time, in a little town in Kentucky, there was a brown-haired girl with freckles. Every Sunday and Wednesday she went to church with her parents. Her great grandfather sat in the pew in front of her family. She would go up and sit with him. He would give her Juicy Fruit gum andContinue reading “The Littlest Song Book”