News: Show Me…Was the Garden of Eden Real?

9-4-16 I am so excited to be able to announce that my first children’s book is being published! It’s a fiction story introducing children to some Christian evidences about the book of Genesis. Check out the book’s page here on the blog, and on the publisher’s website here. I can’t wait to share it withContinue reading “News: Show Me…Was the Garden of Eden Real?”

The Littlest Song Book

7-17-16 Once upon a time, in a little town in Kentucky, there was a brown-haired girl with freckles. Every Sunday and Wednesday she went to church with her parents. Her great grandfather sat in the pew in front of her family. She would go up and sit with him. He would give her Juicy Fruit gum andContinue reading “The Littlest Song Book”